Quantum mechanics has irked physicists ever since its conception, more than 100 years ago. But attempts to make sense of quantum mechanics stalled early in the field’s history. The major roadblock has been – and still is – the assumption that a sensible theory of nature must fulfill statistical independence. Theories which violate statistical independence are commonly referred to as “superdeterministic” or “retrocausal” and swiftly discarded as supposedly unscientific. This workshop will collect the world’s experts on superdeterminism and retrocausality to discuss the pros and cons of such approaches. Importantly, we want to bring theorists together with experimentalists to explore how to experimentally test these ideas.

This workshop will take place May 4th to May 8th, 2020, in Cambridge, UK.

Organizers: Sabine Hossenfelder (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies), Tim Palmer (University of Oxford), Huw Price (University of Cambridge)